Citric Acid

My daughter, Katie, is the queen of research.  She’s always on the prowl for gems of information that will help make something easier, prettier, cheaper, healthier, or just plain cool.  A fount of knowledge, my Katie, and a frugal shopper, too.  Even better, she’s always quick to pass along to me and her sisters what she’s learned.  

Citric acid is one of those little gems.  If you have cloudy dishes, or your glasses have water spots, just a teaspoon or two in your dishwasher (in that little cup next to the detergent’s cup) will get them noticeably cleaner.   You can *feel* the shine.  You’ll love it!

Citric acid is a natural preservative (often recommended when canning tomatoes) and flavors our food with a sour taste.  Naturally, it’s found in lemons and limes, but on a more practical level, it removes limescale and can soften water.  It’s also a great cleaner.  Try it in your dishwasher or coffee maker.  Citric acid is used in soaps and laundry detergent, and it’s especially popular in crafts–making bath bombs is a number one favorite.

Best of all, it’s cheap!  This bag is 5 lbs and costs $15.98 on Amazon.  If you use it in your dishwasher to bring the shine back, it will last you for months and months.  Try it!  Here’s the link.

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