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Rice Krispie Flowers in Dirt Pudding  www.swankykitchen.com

Rice Krispie Flowers in Dirt Pudding www.swankykitchen.com

As I write this, it’s early May, and flowers are bustin’ out all over.  Gardeners are flocking to stores to buy their bedding plants, and those tender, colorful blossoms just make you happy, don’t they?

Years and years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a recipe for Dirt Pudding.  You’ve probably had it before, it’s that good.  And for my little granddaughter’s 3rd birthday this weekend, I made these fun Rice Krispie flower pops and plunked them into cute pails of Dirt Pudding to help her celebrate.

All her cousins were quick to help her eat them, let me tell you.

Here’s how I did it.  After making the Rice Krispie treats, I spread the batch over parchment.  Using buttered hands, I pressed it to about 1/2 inch , and with a cookie cutter, cut out the shapes, two for each flower.   (Note:  I always add extra marshmallows because I like the Rice Krispie treats soft and chewy, not hard and crispy, so out of concern that the sucker sticks would distort the flower shapes when I pushed them in, I erred on the side of caution and concocted this method.  But you could spread your batch out so it was thicker, an inch or more, and try pushing the sticks in after the treats had set.)

I kept back a good-sized handful of the Rice Krispie treats and kneaded in a few drops of food coloring.  Like above, I spread to about 1/4 inch high and cut out smaller shapes for the centers.

When the large flowers cooled and firmed up, I dabbed some frosting on the rough side, laid the sucker stick on it, and sandwiched it with a second flower, rough side on the inside as well.  That way, the outsides of the flower were smooth (after having been pressed onto the parchment.)  Attach the colored centers with another dollop of frosting.   Add a colorful M & M and hold in place with a dab of frosting, too.  Let set until just before serving.

After making the Dirt Pudding, I portioned out crumbs into the bottom of each pail, about an inch high, and packed them with the bottom of a glass.  Then I added the pudding, topped it off with more crumbs, and chilled all the pails in the ‘fridge.   Just before serving, I added the flower pops.   Gummy worms made a fun garnish.  (By the way, the pails are from IKEA.)  

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