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Mediterranean Chicken Couscous

Mediterranean Chicken Couscous – www.swankykitchen.com

Years ago, while at a day-long brainstorming session at the home of NY Times Bestselling author, Victoria Alexander (www.victoriaalexander.com), she served the most fabulous dish–Mediterranean Chicken Couscous–for lunch.   Since then, I’ve made it more times than I can count.  It’s become a family favorite.

Though I’m Italian and was raised on the traditional Italian dishes, I never had feta cheese until the last couple of decades or so.  I don’t recall my mother even cooking with fresh basil.  But I’ve become completely enamored with that fabulous combination of tomatoes, basil and feta (fresh mozzarella ranks right up there, too.)  The taste just explodes on the tongue, and it’s one of those flavors that yanks you clear across the ocean to the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece.

You can serve this Mediterranean Chicken Couscous warm or cold, so it’s great for a make-ahead dish.  Even better, it tastes as good on the third or fourth day (if it lasts that long!) as it did on the first.   It’s perfect for a quick lunch, or filling enough for a full meal.

Something else I’ve learned to love – rotisserie chicken.  I buy them day-old if I can, or Crooksie will throw a chicken on the grill for roasting.  After skinning and deboning, I pack the flavorful meat into ziploc bags for recipes just like this one!

Mediterranean Chicken Couscous - www.swankykitchen.com

Mediterranean Chicken Couscous – www.swankykitchen.com

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