Lemon Summer Squash Bread

Don’t let the name of this delightful, citrus-ey bread fool you.  Lemon Summer Squash Bread is a quick bread for all seasons.   

I first made this bread last summer when my garden was overflowing with yellow squash.  The loaf pictured here is made with zucchini.  Both varieties of squash are completely interchangeable in recipes, so don’t feel like you have to use one over the other just because of the name of this one.  (However, I did find that the yellow squash version was a bit more moist than the zucchini–but just a bit.)

Lemon Summer Squash Bread (a la Lemon Zucchini Bread) has a cake-like texture that holds up well when picked up and eaten.  That said, just tonight, my husband put a slice on a plate and plopped a scoop of ice cream over it, eating it with a fork.

Either way, you will fall in love with the sweet zing the lemon glaze gives this bread, a treat you’ll enjoy any time of the year!

4 Responses to Lemon Summer Squash Bread

  • Because I am diabetic, I have to ask if the entire 2 1/4 C is really necessary. I love lemon bread and cake that is on the tart side and I surely should not eat much sugar.

    Thank you

    • I’m sure we all have too much sugar in our diets, but I have no idea what effect cutting back on this recipe would be. But it’s delightfully lemon-ey without too much tartness.

    • Hi,
      Have you considered trying a alternative sweetener? I think a granulated alternative would work well with this recipe.

  • Dear Pam, Thanks for the reply. I love tart. My idea of lemonade is to take organically grown lemons, peel them, juice them, and place the peels in the juice in water, let it soak and drink that. LOL

    One of my hobbies has been to read old cookbooks and one thing that is interesting to trace is the use of sugar from its original parsimonious use to present day use which is extravagant in comparison. I’ve traced recipes for certain items through a few centuries worth of recipes and have been fascinated.

    I guess I will have to do that with lemon bread and see what I can find.

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