You’re going to be surprised at how easy it is to make your outdoor planter festive and the envy of all your neighbors!

I don’t know about your area, but in mine, these decorated planters are the rage.  Anyone who has a tall, outdoor planter–usually placed against their garage or near a porch–has theirs decorated similar to mine.  With spring and summer gone, and the flowers with them, who wants to look at a drab, empty planter for months until it’s time to put in bedding plants again?

The planters are made with birch branches, evergreens, berries, pine cones and what ever wintry decorations you prefer.  Such popularity made the birch branches impossible to find, so Crooksie and I strolled to a nearby park and found some windfallen branches.  He simply cut them to length (about 30 inches) and spray-painted them white.  Depending on the size of your planter, 3 – 4 would suffice.

I debated going to Hobby Lobby for some evergreen picks, frosted pine cones, etc., to fill the planter but as with anything, there’s a trick to getting them all to look right, and I tend to spend way more time than I should fussing for the right look.

So imagine my delight when I was at Walmart in their artificial evergreen wreaths aisle.  Admittedly a bit gaudy, for $15, it came decorated with everything I needed–frosted pine cones, gold-and-glittery evergreen branches, red balls, gold foil leaf sprigs, etc, all mounted on a grapevine wreath ring.

Oh, my goodness, it doesn’t come any easier than this.  The wreath fit inside my planter, right on top of the dirt, PERFECTLY.  After that, it was just a matter of plunking in the 3 painted branches, and I was done.  It looks so pretty from the street, and when the sun is shining, making the glitter sparkle, well, no wonder I love this time of year.



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