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Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

All four of my daughters have grown into great cooks, and this Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread is Katie’s recipe.  Oh, my.  Those little pieces are just the right size to pop into your mouth.  The cinnamon-sugar-ey goodness teases your taste buds and makes them crave more.  Which makes you go back to satisfy that craving and pop another yummy morsel into your mouth again.  And again.  

A vicious circle, my friends.  A deliciously vicious circle.

Seriously.  You won’t be able to stop at just one.  

Heck, you won’t even need a fork.      

The recipe calls for nuts and raisins, which is totally optional.  For this batch, I didn’t put any of either in since I was in a bit of a hurry.  But you just know nuts and raisins would make this Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread even better, right?  

Be sure to use a Bundt pan instead of a tube pan because the pan could get too full with 36 oz. of biscuit pieces.  That said, I used 2 cans of 16 oz Jumbo size biscuits instead of the 3 – 12 oz, and everything turned out perfectly.

Another hint – use kitchen shears to cut the biscuit dough into quarters.  Drop those little darlings into the Bundt pan.  Pour the cinnamon-sugar mixture on top.  Bake.  Eat.  Again and again.

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