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Chili Fritos Corn Salad 2Here’s a deviation from my usual tried-and-true recipes that I post here on Swanky Kitchen.  This one is brand new to me, and we loved it so much, I just have to pass it on.

Recently, we attended a church supper, and Crooksie and I both scooped up a spoonful of a very intriguing corn dish.  We fell in love at first bite.  Since I had no idea who brought the salad, I couldn’t ask for the recipe.  So we figured out the ingredients (only a few) and zeroed in on the one that intrigued us the most–Chili Cheese Fritos.   I went home and Googled, and voila!  Chili Cheese Fritos & Corn Salad popped right up. 

Thank you, Paula Deen.

Excellent for potlucks, you can make as little or as much as you want.  Summertime barbecues or simple suppers or a snack.  Served cold, it’s delicious and crunchy and filling.  

But hey, you’ll still want seconds!

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